Iceland v Iceland – thawing out?

As Iceland (the retailer) intends to visit Iceland (the country) in an attempt to ‘that’ their recent trademark row (dubbed Iceland v Iceland), Nick Lewis gives his comment:

‘Given the press coverage surrounding the legal challenge, it’s not surprising that the supermarket has rushed to highlight that it is making an attempt to reach an amicable settlement by travelling to the country. I imagine they feel they are not coming off well in the press due to references to them “aggressively” pursuing Icelandic companies seeking to utilise the word ‘Iceland’ on their products.

It would be very surprising if the supermarket is willing to give up any of the valuable intellectual property rights – but it is possible that it may wish to negotiate some form of agreement with the country (and its businesses) which may involve granting restricted license(s) to use the word ‘Iceland’ in relation to specific products. If this is the case, I would imagine that the supermarket would want to place strict conditions on the licence and keep the negotiations confidential.’

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