Pokemon Go: how catching them all could catch you out

Unless you’ve been hiding under a Pikachu sized rock all summer, you will be aware of the latest tech craze to sweep the globe – Pokémon Go. Downloaded more than 100 million times since it launched in July, the virtual reality game has inspired millions of normally console-bound, bedroom dwelling gamers out of their homes and on the hunt for VR creatures known collectively as Pokémon.

With 20 million people visiting PokeStops and hunting Pokémon every day, it’s no surprise that some players have found themselves in legal hot water, as they roam here, there and everywhere in a bid to collect their Pokémon treasure.

Here, in her latest article for Tech Dragons, Aimee Thomas, our trainee solicitor in the Property team, looks at four instances players and businesses could catch themselves on the wrong side of the law while hunting for Charmander and his 150 other Pokémon pals.

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