Proposed reform of the employment tribunal and employment appeal tribunal process

The Government is considering whether the Employment Tribunal claims process should be more digitised and whether employment decisions can be made online.  

Proposed changes include:

  • digitising the entire claims process. This would include not only having the decision of the outcome being made available online, but the decisions being given online as well as the ability for parties to communicate directly with the Tribunal at all times
  • delegating tasks to caseworkers. This will free up judge’s time to deal with the most complex matters
  • ensuring panels are tailored to suit the case. Currently Tribunal judges often sit alone to hear a case, however when they are more complex, they will often have a panel which will include non-legal members. The consultation will consider whether this is still appropriate and whether in the long term this will be sustainable. The consultation considers whether it would be more appropriate to have non-legal members on the panel, only where they have expertise relevant to the case that is being heard.

Consultation has now closed and we await the outcome of this process. Watch this space.