Contentious Trusts and Wills

The law on contentious Trusts and Wills can seem complex and daunting. Our team of experts can help guide you through every step of the process – making it as simple as possible and communicating with you in a way that is free from legal jargon.

Whether you’re looking to contest a Will, you’re an executor and somebody else is contesting the Will, or you believe that you haven’t been properly provided for, our team has the knowledge to provide you with clear advice.

We have years of experience advising clients across a range of sectors, and can provide support with all manner of contentious probate disputes. This includes:

  • Wills
    • Contested Wills
      • Mental capacity
      • Undue influence
      • Inheritance Act claims & disputes
      • Unsigned Will
      • Mistakes
      • Interpretation
  • Professional negligence
    • Will writer
  • Trusts
    • Breach of trust
    • Misappropriation or mismanagement of trust funds
    • Interpretation

Our team of lawyers will work closely with you to provide the most efficient solution. We resolve all contentious Trust and Wills disputes sensitively and cost-effectively. Please contact Alexia Thomas via telephone or text on 07860 438 885 (available 24/7).

And, as members of Consulegis, the international network of law firms, we can help you to obtain advice in all contentious Trusts or Wills issues across the globe.

If you have a contentious Trust or Will dispute, but don’t necessarily have the funds to take action, Capital Dispute Finance may be able to help you.