Issues at work – be they capability, bullying or personal differences – often have a damaging effect on staff morale and performance. Unless dealt with properly, they can also lead to expensive Employment Tribunal claims.

Resolving the problem at an early stage can save hours of management time and money and perhaps avoid repercussions from a disgruntled employee.

Our Employment Team, in conjunction with Capital People Consultants offer solutions:

  • An early stage solution.

    Where the employment relationship is breaking down, it’s often possible to get things back on track through a little impartial, independent help.

    Through meeting with the parties and working with them to get to the root of the problem and perhaps address difficult personal issues, we guide them towards a solution.

    Not only does Facilitation provide an opportunity to resolve issues informally it can prevent working relationships from completely breaking down. By suggesting facilitation, employers can also demonstrate their desire to tackle and solve issues.

    Facilitations are best conducted in the workplace, but we can provide facilities at our offices.


  • For dispute resolution prior to the final stage grievances, disciplinaries or ET claims.

    All mediations are led by Elin Pinnell, who is an ADR Group Accredited Mediator. The format is simple:

    • the employee meets, usually at a neutral venue, with a representative of the employer
    • the mediator is present throughout and is impartial
    • the employee and employer are given separate rooms and the mediator acts as a go-between, conveying one party’s suggested solution to the other
    • the aim of mediation is to resolve issues between the parties
    • parties have the opportunity to be heard, to remain in control of the negotiation and be fully involved in reaching an agreement. All discussions are confidential and without prejudice.


  • Thorough, unbiased investigations are essential to grievance and disciplinary cases.

    Management or in-house HR teams are not always perceived as completely impartial, or may not have the time to conduct a complex investigation.

    Our Employment Team and Capital HR’s consultants are experienced investigators, able to step in and give you:

    • the comprehensive investigation you need; and
    • peace of mind that you have done all you can to contribute to a fair process


Picture of Capital law staff providing Employments commercial legal services to a client