Our work with individuals

We provide a range of commercial legal services to businesses of all sizes throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond.

But we act for individuals, too.

Whether you’re an employee who needs some independent legal representation, or an employer that needs to point your employees to a trusted, recommended law firm, we can help.

Employment law can be complicated and confusing. Choosing a lawyer doesn’t have to be.


Throughout your employment, you might need legal advice and representation. You might need someone to review your employment contract or service agreement, or find yourself entering into a complicated process – like redundancy, a disciplinary procedure, or a potential employment claim.

Our employment law team and HR consultants work seamlessly together to provide you with pragmatic advice and support when you need it most.


Throughout the employment cycle, your employees may require independent legal advice and representation. Recommending one firm to all of your employees – providing them with a preferred choice for independent advice – can make the process easier for all involved.

If your employees are working with the same firm, they’ll benefit from lawyers who truly understand the specifics of their situation and organisation. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that they’re all receiving the same consistent, pragmatic advice – and you won’t be repeatedly hassled with the same questions from different lawyers, particularly if you’re managing mass settlement agreements.

We can help with:

  • We can help you, or your employee:

    • understand which documents you need to give your employer to show the ability to lawfully work in the UK
    • understand and guide you through the process of becoming a migrant worker under the points based system
    • apply for settlement in the UK (also known as “indefinite leave to remain”)
    • apply for British Citizenship.
  • See how we can help you with settlement agreements, here.

  • Service and consultancy agreements are more than just paperwork. We can advise on what the terms of these documents mean, and also help with negotiating them.

    We can also help if you’ve been accused of breaching the terms of your agreement, or if you’d like to renegotiate them because of a company merger or takeover.

  • Employees are often entitled to take part in various discretionary and contractual bonus or commission schemes, as well as share schemes and incentive plans. We can advise on the entitlements under these schemes – during employment, when on leave (like maternity), and when employment is terminated.

  • Employment contracts often stop employees from using or disclosing confidential information belonging to an employer. We can advise on what your duties are, including what counts as confidential information – and what you can and can’t do with it.

    Employees might be restricted after employment ends – like working for a competitor for a certain period of time. These restrictions can be a barrier to getting a new job, but employers can only enforce them if it’s reasonable to do so. We can look at restrictions, and whether or not they’re enforceable, or negotiable.

    If you’re accused of breaching confidence or covenants, we can advise you on what to do next.

  • We can guide you (or your employee) on your rights during disciplinary, grievance and capability procedures, and advise you on how best to approach them. We’ll help make sure the right process is followed, and assist with any appeals.

    If you have an issue, concern, or complaint about your employer or workplace, we can advise you on raising a grievance.

  • We offer alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, which can help avoid you having to bring a claim. Lots of our lawyers are trained in mediation – an effective way of resolving disputes early. We can act as an impartial third party, resolving conflict through communication and negotiation.

    We can also facilitate dispute resolution, by meeting independently with all sides to try and get to the root of the problem, and guiding them towards a practical solution.

    We settle employment disputes as amicably and quickly as possible. Our mediation experts can help you to maintain effective employment relationships – even in the trickiest situations.

  • We’ll help with the whole range of Employment Tribunal services, from unfair dismissal and discrimination to whistleblowing or contract claims. Litigation can be daunting. We’ll provide:

    • clear, practical advice to help you decide whether to go ahead with litigation
    • a cost-effective and efficient service, with a range of funding options
    • experience and knowledge of the developing Tribunal system.
  • Retirement (including ill-health retirement)

  • Our consultants at Capital People can help with executive coaching and career development.