Professional Negligence

All professionals – from accountants to architects, surveyors to solicitors – have a legally-binding duty of care to their client.

When you instruct a professional, you rely heavily on the advice they give you and trust that they’re an expert in their field. If professionals don’t exercise the care and skill required of them, you can miss opportunities and lose out financially.

If you’ve instructed a professional, and they’ve let you down, you may have a claim for professional negligence.

Types of professionals, and examples of potential negligence, include:

    • providing inadequate financial service/advice on investment products
    • failing to assess or advise on risk
    • recommending inappropriately risky investments, including tax avoidance schemes
    • providing negligent valuations
    • providing inadequate services resulting in a loss
    • giving incorrect tax advice
    • failing to explain HMRC penalties
    • valuing assets inaccurately
    • giving incorrect advice
    • missing deadlines and not complying with court orders
    • failing to identify heads of loss
    • not advising on alternative funding, like Legal Expense Insurance
    • failing to issue a claim before the expiry of a relevant limitation period
    • mishandling litigation
    • supervising insufficiently
    • failing to manage a project properly
    • not advising appropriately on drawings and plans
    • Failing to elicit key information or to pass this on to insurers
    • failing to arrange insurance cover which is sufficient and meets the needs of the customer
    • failing to arrange insurance cover in time
    • Reporting inadequately
    • failing to carry out instructions
    • not inspecting property thoroughly and failing to identify defects
    • overvaluing commercial or domestic property.

We have an experienced team of professional negligence lawyers who can help with bringing and defending professional negligence claims.

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