Settlement agreements 

If you’re being offered – or seeking – a settlement agreement, you’ll have lots of questions. Whether your employer is offering you a redundancy package, or your relationship with them has broken down, negotiating settlement agreements is complicated. Either way, we can help. You might be wondering:

  • How do settlement agreements work? 
  • What are the usual terms – can I negotiate? 
  • What should I ask for?  
  • Do I have to accept the settlement agreement I’ve been offered? 
  • I think I have a discrimination/unfair dismissal claim, what should I do? 
  • Is this offer better than what I’d get at an Employment Tribunal?  
  • Should I take the deal? 
  • Does my employer contribute to the agreement? 
  • Can I get a reference in my settlement agreement? 

We can take you through all of the above questions, one at a time.  

We’ll discuss your circumstances with you to find out what’s happened – and if you have any potential claims. We’ll also go through your settlement agreement step by step, advising on each of the terms and what they mean.  

If appropriate, we can help you negotiate a better package, and guide you through the process. We’ll also refer you to other employment law services, like career transition or coaching