Talk Brexit: personal resilience

We welcomed delegates to our first Talk Brexit at Capital yesterday – Personal Resilience. Topical in the face of the inevitable change expected over the coming 5 years, although I think most of us agreed that the uncertainty is likely to extend to something more like 10 years. During the session, we covered Stephen Covey’s Circle of Concern. As part of his first of the seven habits of a highly effective leader, focus on the things you can actually influence rather than the things that concern you.

And Dr Chris Johnstone’s forcefield analysis – you know that comfort food and alcohol are likely to be the first things that come to hand when it comes to times of uncertainty. And you also know that it’s your trips to the gym and time with the family that suffer when you have a tight deadline. But actually sitting down, with pencil and paper and approaching setting it out as a forcefield analysis (rather than the emotion that leads to the immediate response) will help focus your mind on the “good for you” stuff. But what other tactics were identified in yesterday’s discussion?

  • Keep talking, maintain the lines of communication
  • Take a deep breath and look up
  • Develop self-awareness to stay ahead of the emotions
  • Turn each experience into a learning opportunity

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