The big move from coal?

The Government has announced its plans to close coal-fired power stations by 2025 in a bid to tackle the energy problem the UK is currently faced with. At present, the Government is tackling a range of key issues, such as the need to keep lights on, cutting greenhouse gases and ensuring energy is affordable for consumers.

Under the new plans, all coal power stations will be closed and replaced with gas power stations, in a bid to help to deal with the issues outlined above.

However, it is important to note that only one large plant is under construction today and another, which secured a subsidy last year, is struggling to find investors. This has caused controversy with some energy campaigners, many of whom suggest that this is not best way to truly tackle the problem. Senior Energy Campaigner, Simon Bullock, commented that, “switching from coal to gas is like an alcoholic switching from two bottles of whisky a day to two bottles of port”.

For many, wind and solar, with their subsidies and free fuel, will be a far more attractive prospect than the proposed gas-fired power stations. The Government has warned that these subsidies must be carefully focused on technologies that offer the best value for money, fitting into a “consumer-led, competition-focused energy system”.