Trump campaign moves to ‘Keep America Great!’

US trade mark application shows plans for re-election campaign slogan.

Now officially the 45th President of the United States, you could say Donald Trump has had something of an eventful start to his time in office. Amongst several controversial executive orders and sweeping soundbites that continue to shock, and in some cases, appal the world, President Trump has given a clue into his plans for re-election in 2020, as well as his astuteness in moving quickly to protect his ideas and (in this case) his unforgettable slogans.

Even before he took office on 20 January 2017, in an interview with The Washington Post, President Trump revealed the slogan he aims to use in his re-election campaign in 2020; ‘Keep America Great’. No sooner had the words left his mouth had his legal team filed a request with the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office on behalf of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. The trademark protection requested covers everything from campaign merchandise, such as bumper stickers and hats, to political campaign services and blogs.

The speed of the move to protect the slogan can perhaps be explained by the fact that ‘The Donald’, as he is referred to by many, was forced to pay $100,000 to obtain the trademark to the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ in 2015. In order to prevent a repeat scenario, President Trump has acted fast.

2015 wasn’t the only time Trump appeared on the back foot in terms of trade mark protection. In November 2016 we reported on a separate trademark issue regarding ‘Trump TV’, which was unregistered until New Yorker Mark Grabowsky, a Democrat, snapped it up from under the Trump campaign’s nose.

It appears that Trump has learned his lesson from Trump TV, and from the issues he had with his original campaign slogan, but whether he will in fact be able to ‘Keep America Great’ remains to be seen.